Hero’s Quest (early alpha)



First of all, greetings! And happy seasons for those that celebrate it!

Today is a good day as I want to share with everyone a project I have been working for the past month. There are bugs in it and it’s not entirely polished but that will come later! 😉

The game is about a dude that has to save his girlfriend, you kill your baddies and proceed to the next parts. At the end of your quest at the level you will be rewarded by your attempt to save your girl! It’s a surprise of whats at the end of the level. 🙂

The controls are as follows:

Up arrow – Jump

Left and Right arrows – Horizontal Movement

Z – Throw Lance

R – Restart


I’m aware this isn’t the best game in the world, not even the best html game but it is pretty nice to say this is my game. What I’m trying to say I guess is that I hope you enjoy it!! Let me know what you think about it on the comment section!! Thank you very much your time! And happy sequential base two numbers in reverse!!

Play Hero’s Quest!

Bledi Game

bledi screenshot

these spikes dont hurt btw.


This game is a commission work, I’m pretty proud of this one myself as I’m ever increasing my skills on game making.

If you would be interested in a game commission, you may contact me at etoothy@gmail.com or via twitter at: @etoothy





Picking up steam while flexing and expanding what it’s possible, I made a clone game based on Asteroids, this time, the map layout it is a lot bigger.

Asteroids Screenshot

Play Asteroids

Drunk Pong



Since I’ve been out of the loop and haven’t worked on my game projects in a while, I decided to get back on the horse and start small, and Drunk Pong is what came out.

Drunk Pong is to be played at where party places take places, this is due to the way the ball moves in bizarre ways, it was a lot of fun making it, let me know your opinions on the comments below.


Play Drunk Pong



43 Estudiantes


43 estudiantes


La matanza y la desaparicion de los 43 estudiantes me hizo imaginar esta imagen, mas informacion aqui.


The killing and the missing bodies of the 43 students made me imagine this image. more information here.

How to add brushes, swatches, gradients, styles, patterns, and more in Photoshop CC


Photoshop is a flexible tool that allows you do add your own set of tools, usually the most common use is adding brushes, but this can work for pretty much anything, more on that later. To get started, boot up Photoshop CC.


default photoshop layout

What a default Photoshop CC menu layout looks like.


Simply go to the top left, click on Edit, and on the menu move your mouse all the way down to Presets, and from there select Preset Manager…


Edit > Presets > Preset Manager
preset manager


The Preset Manager window will pop up, from here you can take a look at the tools you already have installed, such as brushes, as seen in the image.


brushes menu

Preset Manager Window displaying the Brushes menu


From here, click the Load button, and browse to where you have your brush file. After you are done, click the Load button.


load brushes abr


And there you have it! New brushes ready to be used! Once you are done, click Done.


added brushes


I want you to keep in mind that this works with not just brushes, but with all other types of files, simply click on the dropdown menu  and select the type of file you wish to add. This works for brushes, swatches, gradients, styles, patterns, contours, custom shapes, and tools.


If this article helped you, please share it. Thank you!

Animal Pleasures @ The Whisky-A-Go-Go



Here is a flier/cover for my friend’s band that is playing tonight, be sure to check them out tonight! Click here for more info!
Animal Pleasures



Internet usage has increased by almost 20% in ten years time


Here is a infographic I made. Did you know the massive ammounts of internet usage we consume is ever increasing everyday? And yet, we have these massive corporations that want to slow down our internet, and make fast lanes just like a freeway. All data should be treated equally. Here is what the future is going to look like if we want to keep using the internet we are accustomed to now. Check out fightforthefuture for more information.


internet usage infographic




Minty Moon


A friend requested to mess around in photoshop and make a fun cover for her picture profile. This is what came out of it.


bedazle minty copy

Nightcrawlers (2014) does not feature superheroes


When I first heard of this movie I thought it was about the superhero Nightcrawler, this image was my second thought.

How come we never played nightcrawlers anymore?

How come we never played nightcrawlers anymore?

Top one reason to buy an Apple Watch…


There are none, but the only reason for me to get one would be if it came with an Golden Eye skin, how cool would it be to shoot a laser beam out of it as well! That would be for the next version.


golden eye apple watch



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